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The rise of selling on social media

Latest statistic notes that 80% of Instagram users actually use the platform to make informed decisions on their next purchase. Surprisingly, the 74% of consumers say they rely on social media for information to help them in future purchases. In additionally, 43% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product after learning about it on social media.

“The social media platform now becoming new norm of ecommerce known as social selling aka social ecommerce. "

With advertising feature available on social media, able reach targeted audience more effectively. Live video is becoming a vital tool for social marketers, and 42% of them have already developed a strategy for Facebook Live.

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The reality of social selling...

The truth that nobody talked about. The wall that you need to face for successful social media sell

Expensive Fee
Lone ranger
Manual ordering
Unknown inventories
Payment transparency

Accelerate your revenue

A microsite that will boost the growth of your business and unlock your personal freedom
Easy Online Payment

Increase your sales, by having your own online payment gateway. Be notified once payment has been made.

Social Media Checkout

Let customer choose their own purchase directly from the browser. Product catalog ready for the customer.

Automated Inventories

Generated orders, deliveries, stocks, payment on the go


It's not complete to have a system without analytics features to support your business.

The concept idea behind Acceptby

Inspired by new norm of social selling, Acceptby are build as social media ecommerce aggregator that tailored for social media platform seller as on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other social media.

Acceptby make new selling way on social media by providing feature of shopping cart, checkout payment gateway, point of sale system, buyer notification, postage tracking management and sale analytics, through hyperlink that connect to Acceptby microsite without need building own website. Acceptby is a perfect plaform for postage, delivery or booking for services.